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NaturPet Paw & Skin | 100% Natural Healing Cream for Dog Paws | 2 oz | For Cracked & Brittle Paws | Wound Care | Hot Spots - B06X9F94Z5

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  • MOISTURIZES & SOOTHES dry itchy paw pads, cracked sore pads, brittle claws, dry skin

  • PROTECTS PAWS: Protect against icy cold snow, road salt, hot asphalt, beach sand, dry dog paws

  • WOUND CARE: Natural antiseptic for hot spots, skin wounds, abscesses, and bites - LICK SAFE!

  • ALL NATURAL! Healing herbs in a base of Vitamin E, coconut oil, olive oil, bee's wax, propolis

  • MAINTAIN PAW HEALTH: Use paw cream regularly to maintain soft, healthy paws

  • NaturPet’s PAW & SKIN is one of the few dog paw protectors that heals while it protects. Also great for wound care! It Contains:

    Chapparal aerial parts: Kills bacteria and other micro-organisms. It has been used since early times to heal burns, bruises, rashes and open wounds.

    White Oak bark: A strong astringent, White Oak has a cleansing effect on inflamed surfaces of the skin. This herb also has antiseptic properties to help fight infections. It helps to strengthen capillaries, stop bleeding, relieve bruises and reduce swelling.

    Chickweed aerial parts: Chickweed has a “soothing” effect; it is ideal for helping with and speeding up the healing process. It also softens and soothes damaged or inflamed surfaces.

    Comfrey root: Stimulates tissue repair & new cell growth, soothes inflammation, and helps to stop bleeding.

    Lobelia aerial parts: Relaxant, helps to remove toxins, and soothes inflamed tissues.

    Marshmallow root: Draws out poisons and debris that may be embedded in a wound. Shortens healing time.

    Red Clover flower: Red clover is the ultimate cleanser as it's antibiotic properties are effective against several types of bacteria.

    Goldenseal root: Helps reduce inflammation, helps to stop bleeding. Stimulates immune system to help fight infection in wounds, bites, burns or ulcers.

    Neem leaf: Naturally helps speed healing of wounds, itching, and skin ailments.

    Tea tree essential oil: Used for centuries to fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses, Stimulates immune system to help fight infection.

    Propolis (Bee propolis): Often referred to as natures most natural antibiotic. It has a lot of trace elements such as iron, copper manganese, and zinc which are all contributors to the healing process.

    Vitamin E: Protects cell membranes helping to heal damaged or broken skin.

    NaturPet Paw & Skin | 100% Natural Healing Cream for Dog Paws | 2 oz | For Cracked & Brittle Paws | Wound Care | Hot Spots - B06X9F94Z5